Marius and Sulla struggle for dominance

When he minted this coin in 55 BC, Crassus identified himself by name on the reverse, alongside the fugure of a female goddess-warrior leading a horse. Romans were still wary of portraiture on coins.

Rebellion in Spain

In 80 BC the propraetor of
Spain, a democrat named
Quintus Sertorius, rebelled
against Sulla and the
Optimates, refusing to
acknowledge the Senate's
newly given supremacy.
He took took to the hills
and became leader of the
Lusitanian tribes. After
successfully holding at
bay the legions sent
against him, he faced
Pompey in 76 BC. In this time,
he became allied with King Mithradates of Pontus, supplying him with military advisors in the Pontic king's battles against the Roman general Lucullus.Over the next three years, Pompey wore down the rebel army and the revolt collapsed when Sertorius was assassinated in 72. Pompey got the credit and the hero worship of the nation.

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